Voki is a website allows students to create an avatar. Students have the option of typing in something for their character to say or they can use their voice. Voki has male and female voices that speak many different languages and dialects. Users can record their voice, call in and record their voice or upload an audio file. There are many different backgrounds and characters that the students can use so they can get really creative! There is also Voki Classroom that has an annual cost, but there is a 15 day free trial option. In Voki Classroom, teachers can add/manage students, manage classes and lessons or to review their students' assignments in one place. Each lesson that you create in Voki Classroom gets its own web page, which makes it really easy for organizing!
Ways Voki can be used in the World Language Classroom:
  • Students can create an avatar that looks like them and talk about their favorite things.
  • Students can describe themselves in the target language. Based on their descriptions, their classmates have to guess who it is.
  • Students can make a Voki and be a famous person in the history of a country that your target language is spoken in.
  • Teachers can create an open response assignment where students are free to say their opinions, but do not have to worry about doing it in front of their peers.

This is an example of a Voki that I created:

Voki Start-Up Sheet: