VoiceThreadis tool that allows teachers to create presentations that are similar to powerpoints with voice narration. VoiceThread allows users to comment on the presentation/video via text, voice, webcam or through phone. There is also a VoiceThread application in the apple store at no cost. VoiceThread is a good tool to increase oral proficiency.
Ways Voicethread can be used in the World Language classroom:
  • Teachers can have students comment on their thoughts/opinions about authentic pieces such as paintings, readings or music.
  • Teachers can have students create conversation. The teacher could ask a question and have students give a personalized response.
  • Teachers could have the students create a response based on their classmates' responses.
  • Teachers could have students create stories. Students will have to tell what happens next in the story based on what their classmates have previously said. This will allow the students to be creative and they will have to listen carefully to each response.
  • Teachers are able to have on file students responses. VoiceThread can be used as a tool that will allow the teacher to monitor their language fluency in respect to their oral proficiency.

This is an example of a VoiceThread that I created:

There is also a wikispace that had been created for ways to specifically use VoiceThread in the classroom. Check it out

VoiceThread Start-Up Sheet: